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Farmwise offers smallholder farmers an asset-based loan that includes: 1) distribution of seeds and fertilizer; 2) financing for farm inputs; 3) training on agriculture techniques; and 4) market facilitation to maximize profits. Farmwise loan package values range from $150 to $300 in value and includes crop insurance to mitigate the risks of drought and disease for new farmers and up to $500 for returning farmers in the second year.

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What we do

Our Produce Is Mainstay For Us

However, the question is how can we will reach 1 Million Farmers by 2020? There are over 20 million registered Nigerian smallholder farm families who are not growing as much food as they should. In order to reach our ambitious scale targets, Farmwise must plan carefully for growth. The majority of our growth strategy will focus on our existing farming communities. We believe if our clients see reliably better harvests year after year, more people will want to enroll with us.

Loan Package

Farmwise’s loan packages vary depending on farmers’ preferences. Farmers may enroll as little as a quarter of a hectare of land, or a full hectare of farmland entirely. Farmwise will provides a maximum of one loan package per household and to qualify for the Farmwise program, farmers are required to form local groups, attend agricultural trainings, and pay a materials and training fee of $4.

Loan Repayments

Farmwise enables farmers to purchase inputs on credit with no additional service fee if repayment is completed in full by September, every year. For repayments made after second week of September, a service fee of 19 percent will apply. Farmwise will accommodate its clients with a flexible repayment system; where they may repay their
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Hands-on Trainings

Farmwise leads regular in-person trainings so farmers can maximize the benefits from products purchased, and education on how to minimize post-harvest losses. All farmers in the program are served by full-time field officers employed by Farmwise and have access to a customer care hotline inlocal languages should they have any queries.

Cooperative Building

To receive the Farmwise loan and training, farmers must join a village group that is supported by a local Farmwise field officer. Field officers meets regularly with the farmer groups to coordinate delivery of farm inputs, administer trainings and to collect loan repayments. Each farmer that is expected to achieve harvest revenue of US$2,900 in first year and US$5,600 in year two.

Featured Product

Farmer’s Delight is an organic treatment product that is useful for any type of 148 Crops and when use with the smallest amount of fertilizer increases agricultural yield up to twice, keeping everything the same and also improving the quality of yield and resuscitating the soil. So, farmers will require lesser chemical fertilizers in long run due to increase in soil fertility which will save them cost. Also, healthy crops are less prone to diseases hence the farmer will require less pesticides, micronutrients and medicines due to use of Farmer’s Delight. The products are certified by National Cereal Research Institute [NCRI], Federal Capital Territory Agricultural Development Project [FCT ADP] and also University of Agriculture Makurdi, Benue State. This product is non-chemical, which means it does not affect soil, environment or farmers, at all!

A carton of Farmer’s Delight is for 1Acer [40000 Sq. Feet]. So, in case of smaller area, partial packets should be practiced. In case of larger area, multiple products should be used. By using less than 25kg of Urea or NPK per Acre plus one carton of Farmer’s Delight with correct application of fertiliser, farmers surveyed in Nigeria were able to improve their yields by approximately 80–115%. In turn, they benefited economically (making an additional 30–40% profit) through the sale of greater harvest volumes.

Farmer’s Delight

Excellent Solution for 148 crops

All Round Solution for Present Agricultural Crisis

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Soil Conditioning

This not only increases the yield but also conditions soil to make it brittle by attacking its hardness. We introduce some specialized proprietary formulae that initiate process of decay thus boosting up decomposition of organic material. This increases Read More

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Complete Nutrition

This is 1st and only its type of product which ensures complete nutrition to roots, shoots, nodes, leaves, flowers & fruits thereby ensuring quality yield in considerable high quantity. This difference in quality is easily encashable in market over others.

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Immediate Effect

Results of 1st treatment can be observed in 25 to 30 days whereas effects of 2nd to 4th treatment can be observed in just 8 days from spray. Results are visible not only on the leaves but all over plant. Farmers can also realize considerable change in their soil Read More

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Farmer has to invest considerable low amount compared to returns per acre. Not only it increases yield but also decreases amount of fertilizer required thus controls expense. Crops require less pesticides & medicines due to balanced growth. Hence lot of cost is saved. Farmers get exponential returns in terms of yield and its quality compared to investment hence they remain in huge profit. Hence one doesn’t have to keep promoting it, but farmers demand this product again and again.

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Nature Friendly

This is Nigeria’s 1st and only ISO 14001 Certified Environment friendly product. This does not create any side effect on crops, farmer, soil as well as end user who consumes agricultural yield. It has a unique property that it produces results equivalent to ‘Organic Farming’ though used in conjunction with chemical fertilisers. This gives advantage in market rate to the farmer due to improved quality.

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Professional Solution

Empowerment of agricultural industry is the key for empowerment of our society hence the nation. Farmer’s Delight products are developed keeping this revolution in mind. They are 100% organic product hence does not require any government certification, license or approval to sale. They are in dried powder form hence virtually no expiry. They are lightweight & compact being highly concentrated. Hence they can be easilyRead More

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Our Training Model:

Our training materials will evolve and change with the products we offer in our loan package each season, however, they always will include two key elements

Successful ventures require highly committed founders.

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Successful entrepreneurs are unique individuals.

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